Hunting Dogs


 The Braque Français breeds are not just pointers, but versatile hunting dogs that can retrieve, flush, and even trail game in all sorts of terrain. 


The Braque is known for its keen determination and overwhelming desire to please its master. Careful breeding has resulted in a dog that can be relied upon to obey commands in the field and hunt hard all day long, a dog that has intense prey drive and could also serve as a family companion, playing with the children, yet acting as a watchdog in the dark of night.

Among the many sporting dogs to come out of Europe, the Braque Francais has remained a relatively obscure breed. Even though the breed is still common in France, the Braque has never gained the worldwide popularity that many other breeds from that era and region have experienced. However, the Braque continues to have a loyal following of breeders and hunters that appreciate this dog’s intelligence, athleticism, drive and natural ability.